33 Weeks

I don’t know how I got to 33 weeks already, to be honest. I feel like I went from 28 to 33 in a flash. I’m hoping I’ll go from 33 weeks to my scheduled c-section date in a flash, too, except I have a few knitting projects and several sewing projects to finish before then.

I feel like I should post that I feel fabulous, but I’d be lying. I feel fabulous to the extent that I’m freaking 33 weeks pregnant, but physically, I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. My ribs are in constant pain, and sometimes it’s excruciating. I also think that if I get more than three hours of sleep a night once the little dude gets here, it will be an improvement. I’m happy about it, though.

Today is the first time in a year that I’m not writing a letter to Jillian on the fifth of the month. Part of me feels a little guilty that I’m not going to keep it up, but it’s not like I’m forgetting. I still talk to her all the time, and I’m pretty sure she’s not a reader, so I think it will be okay. 🙂

Happy new year everyone!