Being remembered

There is a miscarriage/pregnancy loss message board that I post on occasionally. The posters consist of mostly women experiencing miscarriage, but there is also a stunning number of women who have experienced late-term or infant loss.

A very sweet woman named Lara started posting on this board a couple of weeks ago after she lost her beautiful son Caleb when he was born at 19 weeks. She and her husband went on vacation, and this morning on our board she posted a link to a set of photos. These photos included this:

She also took these pictures for several other mothers who have experienced losses like ours. I was so moved by it that I cry every time I look at it. Here Lara is, grieving her own devastating loss, and she remembered and took the time to honor our babies as well. One of my biggest fears is that eventually Jillian will be forgotten, and to have her remembered this way fills me with so much happiness that I can’t describe it. ┬áThis picture means the world to me.

Thank you, Lara. I treasure this more than you know.

11 thoughts on “Being remembered

  1. Hi Megan, I just wanted to tell you that I love how yours turned out! I also thought it was so thoughtful and sweet of her to make two separate “Jillians” because each one is unique. Such a sweet girl!

    Hope you guys are doing well!

  2. It’s beautiful. And how thoughtful of Lara to do that for you and other mothers.

  3. Oh wow.. what an amazing woman to have other mothers in mind at such a hard time. Not that we don’t ALL have others on our mind, but to do something so special and touching.. she’s amazing.

  4. I was deciding on how to contact you when you posted this… I wanted you to know that my family did the March for Babies on Saturday and we thought about Jillian too. I actually posted to my facebook that we marched for her and a few other babies. =)

    This is a beautiful picture, and I’m sure somewhere up there, your sweet baby girl is enjoying all of the attention and love. Jillian will never be forgotten. Without your blog, I wouldn’t have known about her, but now I will never forget about her.

  5. What a beautiful gesture.

    Jillian and your family were remembered in other ways this weekend, too: It was with Jillian in mind that our family decided to gather donations for the March of Dimes March of Babies walk this weekend.

    Your little girl has touched many hearts, and her legacy casts a wide net.

  6. Jillian will never be forgotten. The combination of how much you have done in her memory already as well as how many people love her proves that.

  7. i found you through aidan’s mommy. i’ve just been sitting here and reading your blog and weeping… i am so sorry for your loss.

    thank you for sharing jillian’s story with the world. we lost our son, max, at 21 weeks, and i know how much it can hurt and heal to talk about loss.

    the names in the sand are beautiful and thoughtful… and your sweet girl will always be remembered.

  8. Jillian will never be forgotten a long as you share her story!

    Thank you for sharing it through your blog!

  9. I am SO glad it could bring you a bit of joy. It made my day being able to write it. (((((((hug!!!))))))

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