Father’s Day

Today is a sad day in our house. I’m filled with worry about how Dave is feeling today. Just like Mother’s Day, today is not what it’s supposed to be. Instead of spending the day with just the two of us, I should be loading Jillian into a car to take her to New Hampshire to watch her daddy race.

One thing I can feel good about is knowing that in Jillian’s short life, she was lucky enough to have one of the most amazing dads possible. I have memories of him singing to her, and I can still feel the feeling I felt when I realized that he was spending so much time at her bedside during the night while I was sleeping in my hospital room. I know that when we have more children, he’ll be the same amazing father to them as he was to Jillian, but my heart breaks at the thought of him missing his little girl. This happens every day, of course, but the sting is even stronger today.

I hope all the fathers out there have a wonderful day.

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