I had my initial OB appointment yesterday. I didn’t have an ultrasound, but it was a good appointment. My cervix is firm and closed, and my uterus seems perfect. I have another appointment in about two weeks, and hopefully we’ll have a quick ultrasound then.

The appointment was with the nurse practitioner who I saw regularly during my pregnancy with Jillian. She’s lovely and so supportive. She admitted to us that she is scared, too, which is actually wonderful to hear. It affirms for me that she will do whatever she can to help us have a successful pregnancy.

We’ve had some concerns with one of the nurses (the same one who told me my pregnancy with Jillian wasn’t viable). She has been very nice this time around, but Dave and I both felt like we weren’t getting what we wanted. She didn’t seem to think it was that important for me to be under the care of a perinatologist, and also suggested that we not do a cerclage until 15 weeks or so. Dave and I were not comfortable with this at all. We know that nothing changed with my cervix until after 18 weeks, but we still want it in as soon as possible. It was a little confusing because when we met with the peri, she said we would do the procedure between 11 and 13 weeks. My first appointment with her isn’t until I’m 11 weeks, and we were concerned that if we didn’t even see her until then, the cerclage wouldn’t be placed until after we’d planned, and we were obviously concerned that it would have to be an emergent cerclage if we waited too long.

We discussed these concerns with the NP yesterday, and she agreed to scheduling the surgery now, and worst case scenario, we’ll have to cancel the procedure if it turns out that this pregnancy is not viable. It is now scheduled for August 12 – exactly 4 weeks from today. I feel much better having this scheduled, and we’re obviously hoping with all that we have that we won’t need to cancel it. My NT scan has also been scheduled for August 9. It will be a very big week for us and hopefully everything will go perfectly.

So that’s it for now. I still have some old blood around my cervix, so I’m still spotting, but there hasn’t been anything bright red in about a week. I’m feeling a little more confident about things, but the tendency has been for my confidence to disappear as soon as I start feeling it. One day at a time…

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