We had my appointment with the OB who delivered Jillian today. I really like her, and was a fan of the idea of having her deliver this baby, but I was still confused about the nurse who said that the peri didn’t want to “steal” me from another OB. She said I would only need to see the peri on a consultative basis, and this doctor would see me for my appointments and could do the cerclage. We were not okay with that and cleared it up with the nurse practitioner a couple of weeks ago, but I was still under the impression that I would be seeing this OB and the peri, which I was fine with.

When she came in, she was very apologetic and said that as much as she’d like to be a part of this pregnancy, I’m high risk and need to be seen by the peri, and she doesn’t want us to feel like she’s dumping us, but it’s better if I only see one doctor. We were very happy about this because it’s what we’ve wanted the entire time, even though I like her and would love to keep seeing her. The fact that she was so apologetic and seemed to be letting us down easily makes me think that the dumbass nurse told her that I want to only see her. Totally untrue, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the nurse was just making crap up to get things to go her way. Bottom line: she sucks.

As for the rest of the appointment, it was pretty routine. She brought in a doppler to try to find the baby’s heartbeat. I was surprised, just because it’s pretty early, but I also know that if she looked in the right spot, she’d probably find it because we have a doppler and found the heartbeat on Friday. She was looking in the totally wrong spot, and instead of telling her to move two inches to the left and half an inch up, Dave and I kept our lips sealed in the hope that she’d bring the ultrasound machine from 1982 (give or take a few years) in. She gave up on the doppler and brought in the ultrasound. We got to see our little blob, who didn’t appear to be moving much, although it’s hard to tell on a machine that’s probably almost as old as me. The heart was flickering though, and that was the only movement I cared about.

Our first appointment with the peri is next week. She has a machine from the 21st century, and I’m hoping we’ll get to take a look. It’s my pre-op appointment, so I think it’s a pretty safe bet that we will. I can’t wait to see the little dude(tte) again.

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