We had our NT scan this morning. We were in such a rush to get out the door that I didn’t have time to be nervous about it. Having the place painted while having the bathrooms renovated and having four animals, including a sick dog who kept us up for hours, is a good distraction.

I finally got nervous when the ultrasound actually started. It seemed like she was measuring the nuchal fold more than they did with Jillian, which got me nervous, but it turns out she was just having a hard time because the baby had his/her chin tucked and she was trying to get him/her to move. It turned out that it was great, but emotionally, it was still a difficult ultrasound. This was our fifth (the only benefit to being high risk), and this is the first time that the baby looked like a baby instead of a blob or alien (amazing, considering that less than a week ago, we still had a little alien). I had to remind myself at one point that the baby wasn’t Jillian. It was a bittersweet moment. I hate that I think like this because I don’t want to short change this baby, but when you’re pregnant, don’t get to bring the baby home, and then get pregnant again very soon, it’s easy to forget, I guess.

Once the ultrasound was over, I was looking at the pictures the tech gave us and decided the baby didn’t really look like Jillian. Their profiles seem a little different. It’s obviously so early to be deciding this, but at this scan, the two babies were the exact same age. After I got home and compared them side by side, I realized the difference isn’t as much as I’d originally thought. I know I’m thinking way too much about it. Hopefully we won’t find out for about 27 more weeks how much this baby and Jillian resemble each other.
We’ll see the baby again on Thursday before my cerclage, and then again once the procedure is over.

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