Please think of my friend

I’ve mentioned my friend Susan here multiple times. She’s about 22 weeks pregnant right now, and she was admitted to the hospital last night and will be on bed rest for hopefully a very long time.

I’m worried sick about her, her husband, and her little boy, and I’m sending all my positive thoughts to her. If you have a second to think about them or pray for them, it would mean so much to me if you could.

Despite being the queen of pessimism, I refuse to be anything but optimistic about this. I love her and her little boy so much and I have to hope and believe that everything will be fine, he won’t make his debut until January, and he and my little guy will be little buddies. That’s the only option.

Hang in there, Susan. If I could hop on a plane to come sit next to you (and talk to you through the computer even though we’re in the same room), I would.

Stay put, little M.

4 thoughts on “Please think of my friend

  1. Hi Megs! I will be praying so hard for your friend Susan. I will continue the optimism and know that this baby will be a healthy, strong, boy and can be best buds with your little boy! Love you! xoxo meg

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