Happy Birthday, Robin

Several years before I was born, my mother gave birth to two daughters. They were both premature. Today is Robin’s birthday. Like Jillian, she only lived for a few days.

I never knew much about my sisters as I was growing up. The most we had ever talked about them was three days before Jillian was born. I’ve learned more about them from my mom over the past 11 months, including the fact that Jillian, Robin, and I all looked pretty alike when we were born. Knowing that makes me feel a bond that I’d never felt before.

Happy birthday, big sister.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Robin

  1. Happy Birthday Robin…..I wish I could have met you! I certainly enjoyed your little brothers and sister!

  2. Hi Megs, As you know, I never comment on your blog, even though I check it daily (sometimes multiple times). Just wanted to say thank you for the tribute to Robin. I’m crying – big surprise, right? Thinking of precious Jillian today on her 11-month birthday. You three girls looked nearly identical. xoxo Stay on the sofa, please!

  3. Aww, Jillian. I’m so glad you are able to have this connection with your mom – even though it’s a heartbreaking connection to have. Happy birthday to Robin!

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