Everything is fine 2

Don’t worry. I didn’t fall. This time.

We had another trip to L&D yesterday. I woke up yesterday to some bleeding. The little dude was clearly fine, and as soon as they hooked me up to the monitors, he became as active as he was the last time we were there. I was showing irritability again, but they weren’t that concerned because I don’t feel any different than I have for the past few weeks.

The doctor couldn’t tell from the internal where the bleeding was coming from (aside from my cervix), but my cervix is still closed. It’s now soft and definitely getting shorter, which is to be expected.

We then had an ultrasound to check everything else, which was all fine, except that I have some excess fluid. Oh, and my perfect little baby who was head down from 14 weeks on? Breech. Apparently he decided 33 weeks was a good time to flip the wrong way. It doesn’t matter because I’m having a c-section, but now I have to wonder how long he’s been like that, why he thinks my ribs are a helmet, and how long I’ve been poking him in the head thinking it was his butt.

He measured 5 pounds, 7 ounces on the ultrasound. Obviously that measurement could be way off, but dude. I was smaller than that when I was born. He turned and looked at us (well, not technically) during the ultrasound, then opened and closed his mouth a couple of times. Dave and I both melted and started baby talking to the screen. We’re so in love with that little (big) dude.

So anyway, they sent me home after everything looked fine. I feel like total crap and still feel really crampy. I’m taking it very easy, but I can’t get comfortable. I know I don’t have much longer to go and I really want him to stay in there as long as possible, but holy crap this hurts. He can make as uncomfortable as he wants, though, as long as he’s nice and comfortable.

4 thoughts on “Everything is fine 2

  1. OMG Meg… I am so glad everything is fine. And he is huge! That is so great to hear. I know the pain and discomfort must be unbearable, but you are almost there! Rest up a lot because it sounds like he’s an active little bugger! Miss you honey. xoxo Meg

  2. Well, first off, I know that we don’t know each other or will ever meet. I just wanted to tell you that your story has really shown me the strength of what a mother is and what a great support team a Husband and Wife can be. You inspire me that no matter what life has or could possibly throw at anyone that we can work through it and keep going. And I hope that you and Dave will continue to heal and stay strong. Especially with your new little man on his way.
    I also wanted to share a poem I once read:
    (I also recall that you said in one of your posts that you believe Jillian is now an Angel, I felt that this would connect with you.)

    Tiny Angels
    Author Unknown

    Tiny Angel rest your wings
    sit with me for awhile.
    How I long to hold your hand,
    and see your tender smile.
    I want this image clear. . .
    That I will never forget your precious face
    that is my biggest fear.
    Tiny Angel can you tell me,
    Why you have gone?
    You weren’t here for very long. . .
    Why is it, you couldn’t stay?
    Tiny Angel shook her head,
    “These things I do not know. . .
    But I do know that you love me,
    And that I love you so.”

    I hope that this hasn’t upset you in any way. I just wanted to share with you. Also, my Husband and I are thinking of you and yours.

  3. 5 pounds 7 ounces! good job mommy! he sounds nice and big and cuddly. february is right around the corner!

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