I was discharged from the hospital today. I didn’t think it would be very hard, based on our previous experience, but I was wrong. Right before we went down to tell Ian “see you later,” I was looking at a facebook friend’s baby’s pictures when she first got home. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have looked at them when I did, but I didn’t really think it through. 

I was a bawling mess by the time we left the NICU. I felt a little silly because we live so close to the hospital and we’ll be here all the time (we’re here now), but all the nurses and Dave did a good job comforting me. 

Once I was discharged, I had to leave the hospital in a wheelchair. They have these special wheelchairs for new moms. They’re just big wheelchairs with space in the back for a car seat and tons of stuff. I felt like a jackass riding in this thing, and then felt really idiotic when I was wheeled into the “newborn discharge waiting area” to wait for Dave to pull the car in. I swear that every single person in that lobby was staring at me, and I’m sure they were all trying to figure out where my newborn was. This caused a giggle fit, so I’m sure everyone in there thought I was nuts. At least it made me forget about leaving my little dude. 

We ran home to shower and beg forgiveness from our neglected cats, then turned around to get back to Ian. I got to the NICU before Dave, and when I walked up to the reception desk, the receptionist called Ian’s nursery and asked if he had been moved to NICU A, which they confirmed. MY BABY GRADUATED! I have never been so proud in my entire life. He’s in an open air crib and everything is more relaxed Our new doctor stopped by to introduce himself and said that once Ian learned how to eat, he’d be out of there. 

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, Ian then wowed us again. I nursed him for his 3:00 feed, and that little rock star stayed on for well over an hour. He took some quick naps and breaks every now and then, but it was fantastic. The nurse said she wasn’t going to supplement to see if he actually got as much as he should have, and that if he woke up quickly, she’d give him more through his nose tube. We stayed there until about 15 minutes before his next feed (we left to get dinner) and he was still sleeping soundly. 

I’m sure leaving tonight will be rough, but we’ve had such a good day. I’m scared to feel excited, but it’s hard not to be. Hopefully the good days will keep happening and he’ll be home before we know it. 

6 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. Go Nursery A!!! Ian is going to blow that joint in no time! I am sorry leaving was hard. It sucks to leave your baby but what a treat to find him moved out of the intensive nursery! A is so much nicer and down right roomy! Glad to hear Ian is doing so well.

  2. That’s wonderful news! So will they feed him overnight or will you have to go over there to feed him in the night?

  3. I so look forward to your posts! I cry with each new thing. I hope you soon post a picture of Ian Matthew.
    Hugs and prayers….

  4. Congrats on your baby boy!!! Words cannot even express how happy I am for you! I think Ian is a wonderful name and that he will definitely be home soon. My preemies took a long time to *learn* to eat but once they did they were home in a flash! Since Ian already can eat, just sleepily, he will be home before you know it! Congrats!!!

  5. So glad to hear that Ian is doing well and holy smokes, already graduated into NICU A! He’ll be home soon! I continue to say a prayer everyday for you and your family.

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