Today is the anniversary of Jillian’s due date. It’s been a pretty normal day. I don’t know that she’s been on my mind any more than usual because I think of her constantly no matter what day it is. I think it’s a date I will always sting a little bit when I see it, but the fact that today was THAT day wasn’t gut wrenching like the actual day last year was.

I know I wouldn’t be feeling so at peace with the day without Ian here. Sometimes I worry that being so much better means th

2 thoughts on “3/24

  1. I’m not sure where the rest of the post went, but if you were going to say that “being so much better means ” that you’ve forgotten Jillian, or don’t miss her as much, or whatever you must know that is not true. She is your sweet baby girl and nothing will change your love for her. xoxo

  2. thank you for posting about this. I was just talking to Chris about this tonight. I also agree with Susie if that’s where your post was going.

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