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I decided yesterday to post another picture of Jillian. Please excuse the quality. It’s from my phone, through the roof of her isolette, and I’m pretty sure it was taken by a bleary-eyed dad in the middle of the night.

This group of pictures is probably my favorite. There’s one picture that I thought about sharing instead where Jillian has her arm sticking straight out along her face. I think she was probably stretching, but all I can think of when I look at it is that someone confused her bili light for a spotlight and is either rocking out or thinks she’s an opera star. I laugh every time I look at it, which says a lot these days. I think I’ll share it here someday, but right now I like having it as “all mine” (and Dave’s, of course). I love this picture, too.

Who am I kidding? I love all of her pictures and everything about her.

[picture removed]

I doubt this would cross anyone’s mind (except maybe other NICU parents), but in case anyone is wondering what on earth we were doing taking a cell phone into the NICU, it was an airplane mode. I just don’t anyone to think we were doing anything stupid.

24 thoughts on “Another picture

  1. that picture is PERFECT she's so beautiful! and you're right, I think the only people who would think about cell phones are parents who have been in a NICU or someone thats worked there!

  2. That is a beautiful picture. The lighting and colors and everything comes together so well to capture your beautiful little girl.

  3. How sweet and beautiful. She is perfect. Like Linda said, I feel very honored that you shared that with me/us. Love you, honey.

  4. Oh she is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this.

    And I know what you mean. Our cells were always with us and on silence.

  5. You know I want to add, that her head is so perfect. I love babies with round perfect heads. lol I love the pic so much. Thank you again for sharing this beautiful memory with us. She is lovely.

  6. She is just so absolutely beautiful!

    I love that you have some pictures that are just for you. We have some of Maddie that are the same – so sweet and special, but just ours.

  7. She is so beautiful and so perfect. Thank you for sharing. You and Dave are in my thoughts and prayers.

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