Hand and footprints (again)

I posted a few weeks ago about the plaster hand and footprints we have. I put it in a shadowbox yesterday. We wanted to be able to display ir but we were worried about it getting broken, mainly because we have two cats. Putting it on a shelf was out of the question. I also wanted to make sure it wouldn’t be touched, as people have wanted to do.

I was so scared that I was going to break it while I was mounting it in the shadowbox. It’s as light as can be and seems so fragile. My hands were shaking as I screwed the back of the frame on, and then I spent the rest of the day worrying that it would fall off the wall and shatter. There are now three picture hangers holding it up. I’m being so overly cautious that I know it’s ridiculous, but if anything happens to it, I may go off the deep end.

10 thoughts on “Hand and footprints (again)

  1. That looks so beautiful! If I were you it probably would be hanging with 2938470923847 hooks. No joke. I can understand how nervous you are about that!!!

  2. That is just lovely. We got Maddie's hand/footprints framed, as well – it's so comforting to be able to look at them daily. I hope you receive that same comfort and peace.

  3. gorgeous (and you arent nuts at all… I have nightmares about losing the few things we have of our babies who have passed)

  4. That is so beautiful Megan! What a great idea! Ours are still wrapped up in tissue paper in a little box. They are actual casts of her hand and foot, so they don't fit in a frame, and I'm terrified to do anything with them, so they may just stay in her box of stuff and I guess we can take them out when we want to look at them.
    (I don't want anyone to touch them either!)

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