Welcome to my new home. I needed a little more control, more tracking capabilities, etc. I originally moved because I needed the ability to make it private with more than 100 users, but because of the extra control I have now, it’s staying open.

It’s a little more cheerful than the old one in terms of appearance. When I was getting this thing set up yesterday, I started to make it look a lot like the old one, but I decided I needed a change. I’m trying to be more optimistic about the future, and happy colors help. I’m still trying to figure out certain things, like getting the blog header I actually want to work, but I’m new to using CSS so I haven’t figured it out. I apologize in advance if anyone shows up here and the page looks like someone took a sledgehammer to it. No worries; it’s just me breaking stuff because I can’t be bothered to read instructions.

14 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Is there anyway to make it so we can “follow” you here (ie google reader) ? I can’t seem to find the clicky, but perhaps I’m a idiot? Ps. Love the new look.

  2. Hi Meg,

    I just wanted to say how AWESOME I think it is that you guys are so close to reaching your March of Dimes goal. Are you guys doing the walk too, or just raising money this year?

  3. LauraJane, I’m still trying to figure out how to add a button for that, but if you go to your google reader, click on “add subscription” and then type in the address of the blog (afterjillian.com), it should add it to your reader. Thanks!

    Betsy, thanks. We’re doing the walk. Are you going to be doing it?

    Maggs, I hope you’re having a good weekend, too.

  4. Megan,
    Somehow I found your blog one day while on the nest/bump, and have been following you from the beginning. I have no children, nor have I ever been pregnant, so I can’t even begin to imagine how you feel, and I don’t pretend to. But I am so inspired by your strength and courage in the face of what must be the worst thing anyone could ever experience.

    I am glad that you changed the format of your blog and that I am still able to follow you on your journey.

    Take care,

  5. Hey, got the noticed that you moved over here now. Newb question – can I “follow” this like blogger? Or do I need to bookmark it to favorites and remember to read it?
    Thanks (PeetiePie)

  6. Mary, over on the right, above the March of Dimes banner, there’s a button that says subscribe. Once you click on that button, you’ll be able to follow it. Just select your preferred method.

  7. First, I am so sorry for what has happened to you. I am saddened by what has happened to BOTB, I am a long time lurker. I am glad I am still able to have access to read your blog. You are a strong woman and I wish you the best.
    Congrats on almost reaching your goal!

  8. You are such a strong woman to be able to share your story with others, it is so powerful and moving. Thank you for keeping your blog public. You are truly an inspiration to so many!

  9. I’m a third trier from the bump and started reading your blog after your tragic loss. I’m a lurker but I know you’re trying to keep tabs on who is reading your very personal entries so I’m outing myself 🙂 You’re so strong and it comes across in all your blog entries. I hope life is kind to you and that Jillian watches over you for the rest of your life 🙂

  10. Thanks, Jcam. I saw that. I set a goal to post about the awards by Friday but something screwed up my plans. 🙂

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