Three Months

Dear Jillian,

Happy three-month birthday, monkey bear. I can’t believe how quickly the last month passed. Aside from February obviously being the shortest month, it went by in a flash. It feels like I just wrote your two-month letter yesterday.

I miss you more than ever, but I’ve been doing okay. The only thing that has changed is we got a dog named Baxter. He’s little and funny and gives me love as much as he can. I have so many projects I want to work on but I haven’t touched them because I cuddle with Baxter all day. I’ve already told him all about my favorite baby ever (you, obviously) and he does his best to comfort me. I wish you could be here to meet him.

Your due date is getting closer and I’m not handling it very well. I’m hoping that Daddy and I will be able to spend the day thinking about all the happiness and joy you brought into our lives, but I know we’ll be doing some crying, too.

I miss you and love you so much, Jilly girl. You are constantly on my mind and in my heart. I will never stop missing you.


P.S. Now that we have Baxter, I can tell you that I still love you more than both kitties and the dog combined times a billion.

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